We know kids love to move…

…but how do we harness all their innate, kinetic energy in pursuit of conceptual understanding of mathematics?  


Math on the Move reminds us that the body is a thinking tool and that math is about more than memorization. In the book Malke illustrates the amazing learning that happens when the body and math come together in both dance and non-dance settings.

This blog is about getting started with whole-body math learning, including specific “first steps” in bringing math off the page and into our learners’ bodies.

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May 1st Announcement

More information about the Math on the Move: Engaging Students in Whole Body Learning, including a sample chapter can be found over at the Heinemann website.

Malke Rosenfeld is a dance teaching artist, author, editor, math explorer, and presenter whose interests focus on the learning that happens at the intersection of math and the moving body. She delights in creating rich environments in which children and adults can explore, make, play, and talk math based on their own questions and inclinations.