ISO Participants for the Moving Patterns Game Summer Pilot!

Do you have plans for summer programming? Do you want your participants to have an experience with math that is off the page, creative, and highly physical? If so, please consider joining the Moving Patterns Game by Math in Your Feet™ summer pilot! Help us further develop this interactive, moving, and mathematical game!


The first pilot of the Moving Patterns Game by Math in Your Feetwas with 3rd and 4th graders during school hours. It has also been played at family math nights and at last year’s Math on a Stick exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair. We know that it works but there are additional questions we want to explore.

The game combines the Math in Your Feet  school-based program with the best of informal, kid-initiated playground activity. The overall vision is to get kids moving and thinking mathematically at the same time, and as a creative free play option for recess (inside or out) and/or after-school enrichment.

About the Pilot

Pilot sites will be chosen based on a variety of factors including duration of summer programming, demographics of participating children, and level of commitment. If chosen you will receive all the materials necessary to run this activity and guidelines for getting started with the game including:

  • The original pattern cards AND a set of larger laminated cards that promote creative collaboration between dancers
  • A poster of Pattern Properties to help make sense of the pattern cards
  • Copies of the game when it has been professionally designed and released
  • An opportunity to contribute to the development of the game

If interested please fill out this survey no later than May 20, 2018. The survey includes more information about this pilot and a section for any unanswered questions you might have before committing. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Malke Rosenfeld is a percussive dance teaching artist, author, editor, math explorer, and presenter whose interests focus on the learning that happens at the intersection of math and the moving body. She delights in creating rich environments in which children and adults can explore, make, play, and talk math based on their own questions and inclinations.You can find out more about her work at,  on Twitter,  Instagram, or Facebook.

2 thoughts on “ISO Participants for the Moving Patterns Game Summer Pilot!

  1. Leanne Paulin

    Hi there, my name’s Leanne and I host a weekly math enrichment group currently for grades 3-4 with Austin Area Homeschoolers Math Team in Austin, Texas. I’d love to get a group together and try out your work to possibly further implement it with my group next fall. I have a few questions about this pilot program. How many children would the program accommodate? What is the suggested age and ability range? And how many sessions would be involved? Thanks so much!

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