8 things you probably didn’t didn’t know about the creator of Moving Patterns

  1. After college , Malke spent three months in Ireland.  There she learned how to play traditional Irish flute.  The music quickly ignited Malke’s passion for traditional percussive dance, including Cape Breton  step dance and Appalachian clogging styles. 

2. Despite coming to percussive dance later in life, Malke quickly became a professional dancer and musician. She toured and  performed  around the United States and overseas, most notably with the  dance group Footworks and the Riverdance show in London.

3. Back home,  Malke co-founded a band that made use of her footwork as a drum of sorts,  for performances and on both their records (umm…CDs)

4. After some years of performing Malke decided to share her passion for percussive dance with elementary school students, helping them learn how to make their own dance patterns with  their feet.
5. Since then  Malke has taught elementary kids to make their own  footwork- based  patterns while pairing it with math ideas to make their patterns even  more interesting! 

6. Malke loves watching kids make their ideas come to life and the accomplishments she sees in their eyes while they persevere through multiple creative and technical challenges.
7. Oh, yeah!  Malke is a Nationally Credentialed Teaching artist!

8. Fast forward a little bit and now Math in Your feet has been upgraded to a really fun game called MOVING PATTERNS! to move and learn at the same time, now  more than ever! 

KICKSTARTR LINK: https://bit.ly/MPKickstarter

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